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Sonic-Ionic Serum Infuser


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A sonic-ionic infusion device that combines ultrasonic waves at 160 oscillations per second and ion technology to maximize the absorption and deepen the penetration of eye creams and serums. The eye-o-sonic replaces manual finger tapping with gentle ultrasonic micro pulses that infuse creams and serums more effectively, leaving skin around the eyes and upper lip nourished, hydrated, refreshed and smooth.



  • Wash your face following your normal routine and pat dry.
  • Remove protective cap and apply cream or serum to treatment area or to the massage head of the unit.
  • Turn on the device by touching the massage head to skin—there is no switch needed.
  • Applying gentle pressure, glide the massage head in small overlapping circular motions to the area of the face and neck being treated until the cream or serum is absorbed.*
  • Complete one area at a time and then move on and repeat the procedure in the next treatment area.
  • Turn off the device by distancing it from skin.  Clean the massage head with a clean towel or tissue and replace the protective cover.

* You should feel a pleasant, warm, tingling sensation when using this product. If pain or discomfort occurs, discontinue use.

Uses one AAA Battery. Battery not included.


  • Read all instructions before use
  • Use this product only for its intended use as described in this guide
  • Do not use attachments or products not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Do not use this product on broken or abraded skin or if you have skin reaction hypersensitivity
  • Do not use this product directly on your eyes
  • To clean, wipe the massage head with a clean towel or tissue after use—do not wash this product or submerge it in water
  • Keep out of reach of children 

8 Reviews For "EYEOSONIC"

  1. Prefer over Opal

    by Kasia on 8/8/2014


    I love the easy to hold shape, No charging required, no replacement tips to buy and I noticed better results with the Michael Todd eye-o-sonic infuser in half the time of use versus the Clarisonic opal infuser! Worth every penny and no other infuser out there comes close to value and efficacy. A+++++++++

  2. Very useful

    by Simone on 12/30/2013


    This magic wand is very useful. It make everything so much easier. I definitely works better that applying the product with your finger tips. Please try it, you won't be disappointed!

  3. Can't live without it!

    by Jaclyn on 12/27/2013


    The first time I used the Eye-o-sonic I asked the cliché question of where has it been all my life? I adore this little gem. My eye serum/cream absorbs so much better therefore is so much more effective, and all of the product gets worked into my skin providing additional benefits. It feels so good as well, a beneficial mini-massage for the delicate eye area. I also love the auto turn on feature so there's no little switches to fumble with. There is nothing negative or not to love about the Eye-o-sonic.

  4. great product

    by goca on 12/21/2013


    Fantastic product, which really works. And yes, like Tracey said thank Wayne Goss for advertising it ;-)

  5. I love this

    by Jasmine on 12/19/2013


    I purchased this after hearing about it from my favorite youtube beauty guru Glamlifeguru. It is an extra step that I am happy to take. Something about this liquefies all of my eye creams/serums and they absorb so much better making them much more effective. I do not use it consistently, but there is still improvement in my dark circles.

  6. I am a believer

    by Alethea on 9/7/2013


    I was a little wary of this beauty tool, but after seeing some YouTuber's raving about it, I went ahead and made the purchase. It works! Products absorb better and my fine lines around my eyes plump after use. What was disappointing was that I paid full price then saw it for much less on either Groupon or LivingSocial. Keep your eyes out there instead of purchasing on this site.

  7. incredible tool! a must have!

    by mjbuck on 8/21/2013


    i absolutely, without a doubt, give the eye-o-sonic my highest recommendation! it works. it works. it works. i have noticed a huge difference in the skin around my eyes. used regularly, you will not be disappointed! A+++

  8. A lifesaver

    by Tracey on 8/19/2013


    I have the worst dark circles. I saw this little gadget on Wayne Goss' youtube channel and thought "Why not? Nothing else is helping". Holy crow!!! It works! wasn't an overnight thing but with time and using it everyday I have seen a difference. I've also started using it on my lips and I've seen a difference in hydration. I do use an argan oil on my lips and Knu under my eyes. Very happy with this little gadget and so worth the money.

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